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Accents that Shine: Designs for the Home by Fernanda Sibilia

2_de7eb0e3-933f-401a-86f7-81226870ea65_2048x2048Bold designs that reference Midcentury Modern design and Pre-Columbian art

Using traditional metalsmithing techniques, artist Fernanda Sibilia designs jewelry and housewares inspired by the local culture of her hometown of Buenos Aires. From bronze to copper and alpaca silver (a silver-colored alloy), her creations manipulate a range of metals and are based on a unique method of material exploration. We spoke with the Argentinian artist to learn a bit about her newest pieces.

“I was thrilled with the idea of doing products for the home,” says Sibilia. “We came up with the idea of making mobiles and bowls. My house is full of small items everywhere—it is something I carry from my childhood.”

While her jewelry designs typically reference midcentury modern and Pre-Columbian art, these new domestic goods recall popular Latin American interior design and enameled objects from the 1970s. They also survey the possibilities of creating bold colors and textures through patination, a signature look she also explores in her jewelry.

Her studio, which comprises seven highly skilled artisans, works collaboratively to create these items. “I like the uniqueness imprinted on each piece when they are handmade,” says Sibilia. “Sometimes one piece has more than one artisan’s hands involved, as you see in the bowls.”

Her bowls, which range in size from 2 1/2” to 5 1/2”, are available in an array of shapes and colors at our concept store, Rock Paper Silk. These inspiring objects are lightweight yet make a dramatic statement when displayed in groups or on their own.

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